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Filing cabinets are perhaps the ugliest thing one can have in the house - I should know, I have three! You've inspired me to go and do some purging. Thanks. :)

Elias Madden

You certainly kept a lot of stuff in your storage unit, considering you needed 31 days to purge all of the things inside. And it is good thing that it’s spacious and organized inside. That certainly kept you from any problems while purging your things.  

Erik Littles

It’s a good thing you have a storage unit. That’s definitely going to be useful for storing all your stuff, which you do have quite a lot of. I like how you were able to file all your important documents in that corner over there. Everything looks so neat and orderly! And the cabinets definitely help a lot in saving space in there!


I love organizing my space, too. Isn't it funny how right after you give or throw something away, you find a use for it. (but you didn't even remember you had the object anyway). I so need to do this!

June Houck

You rock, Roberta! DH & I purged those cassette tapes a few years ago…I actually purged something before you? Maybe there is hope for me after all :) You are my organization diva. I am in awe of your skills. Functional and beautiful. Your file cabinet desk is absolutely inspired. Hooray for you completing the purge. My purge stalled…my dad needed a triple bypass (ended up being a quadruple). The surgery went well, but he had awful reactions to various pain meds. He ended up needing to be in the hospital 2x as long. He asked me to stay with him. It was difficult to see him in so much pain, but he is much better now. As of Saturday, he didn't even need an OTC tylenol for his discomfort :)

I'm glad to be home, and I hope to get back on track with my purge by the end of the week!

Not sure if you are interested, but Denine (owner of Shop Pumpkin Spice) is going to have a DT call announced on Saturday for 2012 :)

Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

Cleaning file cabinets are the worst...I would have saved it for last too...I'm proud of you for finally purging your storage unit and downsizing...You go girl!!1


LOl....I have two and a half containers of cassettes also...I'm hanging on for a while longer since I do occassionally still play them on my 4-in-1 player: CD, cassette, LP and radio.... Talk about blast from the past....LP's! Don't ask! I think I'll go get my MJ Thriller album out now. LOL

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