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June Houck

How fun to look back on previous projects. I was just doing that yesterday (I have a notebook of scanned pics of previous projects too!)

Tell Deb I used to be really into cows; not so much anymore. I purged the cutesy/country ones a year ago when we updated our kitchen. I kept a few, but I wanted a more sophisticated feel to my new kitchen.

I don't have any idea how well the books would sell. Have you checked to see how similar items have sold recently? I have run into a similar issue as I have purged. I have kept a detailed list of items that I think won't sell (or too troublesome to mail), donated them, and I'm gonna write them off on my taxes. I still have ~2 boxes of stuff I may try to sell, but I am putting Doug in charge of sales :)

My craft room purge got put on hold…we went to Florida for a week to visit my grandmother and the girls' Autism specialist. I think I needed a purge break anyway. The past two days have been a flurry of playing "catch up." Hopefully I will resume the purge by Monday…next up: the CLOSET.


Wow... all kinds of fun goodies! I love that you painted on the brushes... too cute! I love that you kept track of your projects in a book. You are so organized! I think the books would sell. People sell everything on ebay... worth a shot! :)


Oh gosh, these pictures bring back so many memories...yes I remember the cow ! and all the other stuff too - loved it when I received something hand painted!

I also remember the boo boo jars - they were fun too!

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