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Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

I loved that little table...It was like a cozy little library area for two!!


i know how good it feels to get rid of stuff, and to reorganize some things!! it looks great!


Do you EVER stop "organizing"? LOL You could never walk around in the dark there cuz everything moves around so much you could never memorize your way! Sounds more like Hansel and Gretel...better leave a crumb trail! LOL Goldilocks....big is too soft, middle is too hard and smaller is JUST RIGHT! LOL

Cortney Lyon

It really opens the room up with out the table and chairs. I think Carl and I are going to do a little purge and re arranging too...feeling a little cramped lately.


Hmmmm....been fuddling my brain to figure out the "goldilocks" thing!!!
You'll have to tell me! Love the aerial shots you do, do you climb on a chair to do them or get someone to take them for you?
The space looks more "spacey" now that the little round table is gone. I think it looks great!

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