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I had to go back and take the quiz....vintage... hmmm, I'd have thought Hobo or rummage sale! LOl seemingly unrelated elements ( eclectic collection of hand-me-downs).....sunwashed fabrics (aka faded)....distressed finishes....(kid friendly and used!) LOL

The results are in – your Signature Lifestyle is Vintage. Vintage is a visually engaging mix of color and texture. A masterful display of the art of juxtaposition. Its thoughtful, collected vibe springs from a peaceful coexistence of seemingly unrelated elements. An eye-catching interplay of sunwashed fabrics, distressed finishes, and bold and graphic patterns add an element of surprise to any room.

Preserved Plants

Great site! I love the way it looks and if anyone needs any questions answered about artificial plants and trees please feel free to ask. I'll be back for some more reading here. Thanks

Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

Was that in your best singing voice...LOL

You need to step away from Ethan Allen...Your not alone...I've been mourning with you lately...LOSERS!!!! I did have to go check out my style first(Elegance) <--- too bad I can't afford it :(

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