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Holly James

This is great! I have a couple storage lockers in Toronto and I am just noticing how much it really costs me each month. I would love to get it down to one unit or even none. I don't need all that stuff if it's just sitting in a storage room somewhere, right? Thanks for sharing! http://www.migsonstorage.com


We simply looked for climate controled units and UHaul facilities have always been reliable.


This is just what I've been looking for! I'm on the hunt for storage units Kearns UT that would be willing to hold my stuff while I'm on vacation. I just sold my contract so everything is a big mess, I need to get it figured out. Thanks for sharing! http://www.storagekingarthur.com/storage-units-west-valley-city-utah/


Thanks for the post. I am searching for some storage units in Kearns UT. How did you find yours? Thanks.

storage units

Thanks for the posts, I'm curious to know if the storage unit that you went with was climate controlled?

Ericka Muldowney

Look at all the space the cabinets occupied when they were still there! But now that those are gone, you don't have to worry about transporting all your things at home to your storage unit. Just make sure that you always clean it every weekend so that your important documents or things wouldn't become old and dusty.

Javier Magnus

Good decision on giving away the book shelves, Roberta. I’m sure your friend is grateful for that gift. He will surely make good use of it at home. That would benefit you too, as you can now put some other stuff in your storage unit. Purging your storage unit can be quite a task, but I’m sure that you are up for the challenge. Good luck!

Kristopher Gawron

You're a good organizer! Those are a bunch, and you did it! How did you get such good organizing skills? It is something learned by experience, but somehow, there are people who say they're born with it. Hehe.

Cortney Lyon

I'm glad you posted about when the 21-Day Challenge will be this year, I always seem to have something I want to do for it, but always seem to miss it. The Storage room is looking better and I'm sure you guys feel alot better about clearing some of that stuff out now. If only we lived closer I would take some more of that stuff off your hands....oh well. Carl said last night that he thinks we've outgrown our little guest house, I think we just need a good clearing out again...it's easier to par down then to pack and move into a new space that's for sure.

Best Office Furniture

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Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

Good thing your "Good Friend" took those shelves off your hands and I'm sure she will do great things with them...lol...I love the daybed and this is going to be my inspiration...I just may do that 31 day challenge with you...it might be what I need to clean out my garage ;-)

June Houck

You go, Girl! You are the master. I have a huge set of boxes to deal with sitting outside my craft room. I need to somehow make time to deal with them. You are my inspiration!


wow Roberta! Looks like a big challenge!! I know you can do it, you are the Queen of organizing and purging!!

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