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This has been an ongoing dilemma for me, because I have some beautiful things (red silk jacket embroidered with butterflies, brought for me from China by my husband, kimonos and obis we collected when living in Japan, a beautiful but huge quilt I bought from a hill tribeswoman in Thailand in the 1980s, etc.) but hardly any hanging space. I love your solution, but I don't have a closet that's anywhere near as big as yours. Still, it's great that you found a way you can look at those special things that call up so many memories. I think I need to look at a rotating solution, but I'm lazy about changing my displays.


Congratulations are in order ... I too wish I still had many of my fave. things.

Cortney Lyon

I love that display. I often forget that Bumpa was a bowler too and that's where we all get it from. I have some old vintage things that I should display too, thanks for the inspiration.


Cute idea. I don't display clothes as such, but I will have little things around the house of special significance to me, like cards, gifts I have been given etc. Mostly in my study, some on my dressing table and some on my dresser.
The shadow box is a great idea though!


Very cute!!! Great way to preserve memories.


You are so so creative!!! I love that shadow box! How difficult was that? I would love for you to put up instructions for that...I can so see myself making one of those for Sophia's first skating dress and memorabilia (skates too!!) Roberta, you've got to show me:) Great post!!


sure wish I had some of my things...my Sweet Sugar Swan shirt etc....memories! Ah!

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