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The only set not available is the purple one...Ashley took it :)

Your mom only took the small green, the maroon, a black one (ist picture) w/embossed outsides and another blk one in thr last picture.

couldnt believe that she picked colored ones and such small ones since she tries to carry so darn much...lol oh well...so the rest is up to you ;)


I have exactly the same purse tics you have! I always need glasses and gloss handy and can never, ever get to them fast enough-search, search, search! I like this one you've got:)

My handbags are usually: one black large for fall- winter, a small black for dressier nights out, any beige-toned large one for spring- summer. I finally learned to stick to this color scheme if I want my 'look' (whatever that is!) put together and easier to match. Thanks!


wow! 43 bags!!! I thought my measly 6 was a lot! ha ha!
Currently I have a beige sort of bag with ruffles. It has two straps but as you say, that gets annoying when one strap falls off the shoulder.
Inside it has one huge compartment with a small interior pocket with a zip for lady "things" . I have never gotten the perfect bag. I think I also need one with an outside compartment as I always need to put my keys and sunglasses away and then spend ages fishing in my bag for them! Thanks for the idea. well done on the purge!

Cortney Lyon

Wow, 43! That was way more than I had guessed. I think I would change my purse everyday if I had a collection like that. I have one of those Vera ones, I use it as my toiletries bag when we travel and I love it.

Good job on the purge.


I am so proud of you. Those are nice bags. What are you going to do with them? Donate? Sell? To tell you the truth I am very picky with my handbag. I have a total of 4 at the moment. I will probably write a post about handbags and wallets this week to show you my collection and my organizing ideas. I try to go thru it at least once a week in order to remove all those store receipts and any toys or belongings of my kids. Thanks for sharing your post.


I have a thin card case in one pocket with money and cards then my keys in the other with a handkerchief wrapped around the keys so they don't dig into me. I have a camera that I carry sometimes but mostly I forget it. I will use a bag if I have to- I have 3- but I prefer not too. I guess I'm not sure what it says about me...lol....

Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

OMG!!! I'm having anxiety over here...I want to come steal your purses....I don't even know what to say except I need to go drink a glass of wine or two or three...You are definitely the "WOMAN"...I don't have the will power...as I was laying them on the bed to take a pic I'd have to take a couple back the more I looked at them...LOL

I tried to purge some shirts over the weekend and I sucked...I got rid of 3 out of like 40!! I may need you to come to my house..:(

Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy

Roberta.... you are full of awesomeness! I bet you have many woman drooling at your 43 bags! lol But I bet it feels great doesn't it? Having that space back. Thanks for the nice kudos on the pouchee. I know I love mine! So happy you are enjoying it.
Thanks for linking it to my Organizing Mission link party. I tweeted and FB'd you out too.

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