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Xavier Wessinger

I love your patio! It's gorgeous! I think your weekend is well spent decorating and upgrading your backyard. I wish I could find the time to do the same, LOL.

Cuisine Kathleen

I remember it well! Mother Nature is not being kind to the people in the South with all those tornadoes. We had a brutal winter here in NY, but compared to what they are going through, I won't complain!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Cortney Lyon

Oh that gazebo is beautiful! I could spend a nice summer day in the hammock reading a good book under that.

Has it stopped raining yet?

Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

I want your Gazebo!!! We've have bought 3 in the past 5 yrs...Mother Nature is not nice to them!!

By the Bluegrass

Oh my, I am so over all this rain! We are flooded around here and it's tornado watch's every night! My nerves have about had it! Your porch
looks lovely!


Oh that is annoying. The weather can be a pain when you need to do things outside! The gazebo looks so nice and stylish though!


I think Mother Nature is definitely PMSing this year.


BWAHAHA - too funny! Guess you should have watched the weather before attempting the clean up! Oh well, lucky it's humid and hot and it should all dry by Friday! :)

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