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Cortney Lyon

That's a good list. I just found out that our local store is having a sale on their re-usable bags, buy 1 get 1 free so the next time I go I'm going to make the purchase. The kids at school have really done a great job of recycling our bottles and cans and I've gotten the parents to start recycling too as an activity for their kids at home.

Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

I always have good intentions in taking my bags to the store than I have to buy more because I forget them...makes me crazy!!! I only clean with vinegar, baking soda and water...And, I drink water out of our fridge!! How am I doing so far??


Definitely all great tips! We had a lovely Earth Day with lots of local activities and free museum passes! Of course, it was bright and sunny here in TX! Happy Easter!

Carola Bartz

This is a great post, Roberta. When we moved here from Germany 10 years ago we were shocked about the HUGE amount of wastefulness in this country. It's great to see that it is changing, though very very slowly. I remember my feelings when I first saw someone tossing trash out of his car onto the street - I was simply speechless and then I felt an incredible rage. Both still happen (the trash tossing and my rage). I'm not an angel myself, but I do try to do my part, and I know that there is lots of room for improvement.
BTW, I like your "auto-graph books" that you told me about. Wonderful idea.


Great post... such simple things if we only take the time to do them! We do a lot of these things too. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful information! :)


All great ideas. Happy Earth Day to you guys.


Thanks Anita! Really appreciate you stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. Im amazed that these batteries work so well...especially in things like my camera...regular ones use to get eaten up when Id use the flash but not these re-chargable ones. Its a good thang ;)I just stopped by and visited your blog and have added it to my google reader so tha I can keep up with all your sewing projects and baking. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Fondly, Roberta


We do most of these things already, but the one I liked the best was plants as air purifiers! And thanks for including all the links! I am so with you on all the clutter and not having a purse for every outfit!

Blessings on your Easter weekend!


Thanks for this all in one place list ... I love #13 the best!


Oh my gosh, so much in one little post. I do have reusable bags and we have 3 hybrid vehicles. Don't drink bottled water. I need to start purchasing the green products next. I am so with you on all this! Thanks for sharing.


Very thought provoking post...thank you.

We have the Eneloop batteries and they are great. =)

Stopping by from StudioJRU's Sneak Peek!

Have a great weekend.

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