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I have the same problem, Roberta! I get too busy to eat...If I could only have a personal cook to do it for me and bring me the food...LOL


Enjoyed listening to Brene Brown - I had not heard of her before. She has a good and positive message. I'll have to watch to see if PBS carries it around here - I didnt' notice it this weekend when I watch the AMEN guy.

Went to my first group this week - didn't expect to weight in. Told Debbie I would have skipped lunch if I'd known we wre getting weighed! LOL Number was about 5 lbs more than last time at the doctors - very disappointing.

Little goals - mine is to eat mindfully this week. Writing it all down. I did get a disappointing blast when reading my booklet - now that I'm over 50....I only need 1600 calories where before 1800 was good.....course so far I have not hit that number!

Good job on the loss - we were told 1 lb per week..ugh!!and it's a 15 week group that will last a lifttime! LOL


Great job on the loss and she is very good. I think I'm losing percentages of pounds but my scale only does those little black lines...lol..


Oh I love her...thanks for posting about this!! And GOOD for YOU cute girl on that weight loss. Any amount of weight loss is a good thing. Absolutely!! You rock!!

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