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Cortney Lyon

Yes, I wish I were that productive when I had PMS...I eat, sleep, and bitch with occasional tears instead.


I haven't PMS'd since I was 25 but can't even use it as an excuse...LOL...and, what the heck are you smearing in your tub???

Kelly Watts

Your signs are much different than mine... you seem to 'nest' for many of your signs! Mine are pretty much the usual - IRRITABLE (Hubby doesn't need to ask - he knows! LOL), DEPRESSED because I'm so BLOATED, CRAVINGS of sweet and salty treats and LOOK OUT don't get in my way! MOOOOOOODY - hubbub usually gets whiplash trying to keep up! Oh our poor hubbubs!


Roberta you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!! But really, in all its humour it's so sad because...that's me! My new saying: Picture a day when you are snarling, fuming, nails out and ready to strangle DH and ..and then say: That's right I'm pms'ing and I have only 1 good day a month...so don't wreck it because THIS IS IT!!!

Oh dear...I need a tranquilizer...LOL!! (or cry..)



That was so funny but I guess not for you and hubby. I am a silence person when I'm upset/blue whatever...lol....Don is a "whatever" person and when he uses that word I go silent. Actually I think he likes it.....????.....

June Houck

You crack me up :) I doubt I am as productive as you when PMSing, but I want to eat, eat, eat. Then I may get caught in the vicious sweet-salty-sweet-salty see-saw snack binge. I also find it hard to bite my tongue when I hit the why-are-people-so-stupid stage. Yeah, I get mean when PMSing! *SIGH*


hee hee.....this is so funny and so typical!!!!
Oh boy, I can relate to the one about DH not daring to ask whats for dinner! He knows it is the worst sentence in my books! ha ha!! The signs for me are...lot's of sighing and moaning that my back is sore(before I cook) which actually is REAL as I do suffer from back issues...good post, enjoyed it!

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