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Cortney Lyon

Oh my goodness, they destroy the coffins and put you in a bag after 2 years! What's the point of spending the money on a coffin then? That is crazy! I wouldn't want the job of moving bodies from coffin to bag, yuck. The pictures are beautiful and it looks like you had a great time. When you come to CA you wont need a guided tour, it'll be us showing you around!


It looks like you had a great trip...I love the photos! I would love to visit Louisiana, I have a friend that lives there and just have not made the trip...I just wish I could travel and take photos all the time...guess I can keep wishing...LOL

My travel tip is don't pack your suitcase full because you need room for all the fun things you buy on your trip...Live and learn...many times over ;)

Rita Ackerman

What a beautiful trip you had. Love all the photos. I don't travel often so I really don't have tips to share.
Interesting bit about reusing burial plots. I've read about many ways they have done that over the centuries.
Thanks for sharing.


wow, what a trip! Fascinating. I definitely think a guided tour is the way to go when you are limited for time and money and not sure of your whereabouts or the best things to see and do. And yes, DH and I are doing to Paris for 8 glorious days/nights! (just the two of us!) Cannot wait. We also have a guided tour and here lined up. Your trip seems amazing. It's like a small part of France! We have that here too, a little town not far from us, with deep French impressions. (French settlers)Thanks for sharing your trip!


Looks like you had a fun and busy time there. Great photos. We haven't been there since Katrina but hope to soon.

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