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Egg Poacher

I prefer the method of poaching eggs with a stainless steel poaching pan with non-stick egg cups. I've tried many times with the old method of dropping the eggs with a spoon or a cup in a delicate way into the boiling water with vinegar, so on and so on...to no avail, this is, certainly, not an expertise I could develope. We love brunches with Eggs Sardou and Eggs Benedict...and our 6 cup poacher accommodates our mid-morning guests quite well. Thanks for the cooking time tips for steaming the eggs in buttered cups.

Cortney Lyon

I really wish I liked eggs but I've tried numerous times and I just can't do it. I'd probably eat them if they were smothered in something like cheese or bacon, but that defeats the whole point of eating eggs in the first place. LOL!


Oh yes, I love the creamy center and delicious aroma from the soft boiled yolks of poached eggs. Thanks for sharing.



I keep hard-boiled eggs in the fridge and been eating 2 a day...It's about the only breakfast I get..:)


We eat eggs usually just once a week but may try to include them more. Thanks for the tutorial. I was a dropper when I poached my eggs.


We eat them All. the. time.
Check out my latest protein packed (read: full of eggs) choc breakfast cupcakes - another great way to use them!


Hi Roberta,

Just like you (or more accurately, your DH), I enjoy eggs every day. They are the only way I can start my day. I used to eat poached eggs almost every morning growing up, as it was easy way to prepare a healthy breakfast. I'll have to try them again using your suggestion to use custard cups in boiling water, as I no longer own a poacher!

Thanks for playing along and good luck!

Founder, Kitchen PLAY

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