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Mary Brown

I make up small envelopes using scrapbooking paper and put a gift card in it for McDonalds. There's always a McDonalds nearby! On the front I put a label that says "A gift from the God who loves you!" Quick & easy to pass out the window!

Cortney Lyon

That is a good idea from Deb, you never know. It makes me want to do it here every time I read about it. I guess I'm a little apprehensive to approach people. There is one store here that always has people in need outside, Carl and I bought food items for a guy one night, but this could reach more people for less money. Thanks again for sharing, it's really inspiring.


I had one thought, how about mini pads of paper and a pen/pencil to help them write things down and keep track of things - dates, places, phone numbers, whatever.
Sounds like you are putting quite a bit in each bag!

Genie Robinson

What a wonderful gift you are giving to those less fortunate. I think you have the list pretty well covered. I wish I knew where to find folk like this here in our little college town. We never see any people begging...the only ones I see infrequently are those that have a sign at the ight at WalMart saying...Need Food Money. Thank you for your kindness. Genie


I loved reading about your bags of hope - that is a wonderful thing you are doing!

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