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Neshia Patton

ha! I had one of those keychains when I was a kid. Wish I still had it. What a hoot!! LOL!

Vickie Harrison

I got one of those key chains in the early 80's from a local pharmacy while picking up Meds for my Mom. It was so funny I left it on my keychain for like 15 years on my key chain. What you don't see is there is a big smiley face on the flip side of of the key chain. It finally wore out and fell off a few years ago. I miss it. It was the source of much conversation and hilarity. I would love to have another one. By the way the product really worked, just be sure you were not in traffic when the BM in the AM kicked in!!!!!!


I don't think I laughed this hard in awhile...especially in a room by myself...at first I was like what the heck they really like to snack when they are on the toilet..."strange" but Ok!! To each their own I guess...Than as you got closer I was like "WTH"...and the laughter and tears started....Uhhhh!!! Thanks, Roberta!! I needed that :)


ha ha!! I was so confused at first and then understood after you explained it! Wow, that is weird!! I couldn't handle keeping any type of food in the bathroom though!! (eeewwww).

Cortney Lyon

Hahahaha! That is too funny! I enjoy good "clean" bathroom humor and that hits the nail on the head. Thanks so much for the dedication, I needed a little motivation and inspiration and you've done it!


Funny.....the tune "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, oh what a relief it is" came into my head! LOL


Too, too funny! Such a funny sense of humor and decor-um! LOL So funny that you are posting about BM and brown bread - sent the lady at the Bloom market searching for it the other day. They are now carrying items that Hannafords carries in their market so I thought perchance they might have it. Poor lady had no idea what it was and when I told her it came in a can she looked at me like I was nuts - LOL!. Any-who....they don't carry it. I'm still looking but haven't found it in a while.

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