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Cortney Lyon

I Actually balance my check book every day. However, we are planing on going on a cash diet soon, so hopefully the # of debit card reciepts I have will decrease drastically! I hate doing it, but it has o be done daily. And since we don't typically buy items (we mostly buy food) we dont have to worry about keeping the reciept to return items. I'm hoping to post about all of our new year finance stuff soon!

Ashley Philbrick

I use a black and white poke-a-dot desk organizer on a shelf right inside the door to catch all the receipts through the month. At the end of the month, I itemize every purchase into an elaborate Excel file with my hubby made for me that has 20 different catagories for meeting our yearly and monthly budget break-down. I put the receipts in an envelope and file in a filing cabinet. I use online banking to compare all my receipts and charges and rely on the budget to balance everything. I don't even get a paper statement for my Checking accounts anymore (went Green).
The Excel yearly/monthly budget is wonderful! It lets me itemize and do all the micro part and gives my hubby a quick glance overview to know where we are at!
We just re-did our budget for the new year b/c we got put in a new tax bracket and take alot less home now. We'll have to tighten our belt a little this yr!

Rita Ackerman

Great ideas and a lesson for all of us. So many simple ideas that I can tell will make a BIG difference.
Thanks, Roberta.


Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...


I'm rather intense when it comes to balancing my checkbook. I check my bank balance on line but I don't do my actual banking there. Still do it the old fashioned way. I do love paper though so it is never a chore. I buy cheap loose leaf binders when school starts and put the receipts in there for the tax year after filing. Since I hardly ever put anything on the card it's not very thick. Great post and a really good filing system.


Your going to love this...I don't reconcile (I'm broke anyways)...don't save receipts unless it was a big purchase or something needing a receipt if it breaks...I don't get bank statements in the mail (on board with being green)...I do hang on to receipts and check my account every other day (depending if I know I have spent money - very rare occasion) once the receipt cleared my account then it gets filed in the donation to landfill file...LOL

Aren't you proud of me???...NOT!!!!



This is SO great, thanks for sharing the reconciling process, I have to admit, I really never have, but I can see how it's a great idea and you have a fantastic system!


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