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June Houck

Amen, Roberta! I was just talking to a friend on the phone just now (who also has a blog) about challenges that provide incentives. I like challenges because they help me stretch creatively, not for recognition or prizes (not that I've been chosen recently anyway LOL!)

As for providing blog candy on my own blog, you are correct! The vast majority are there to win and you never hear from them again. I did make a FEW new friends via blog candy on my blogoversaries, but I no longer do that for the same reason. False followers. I choose to follow the 130+ blogs I currently follow because their words and/or art inspire me; hopefully the same is true for my followers.

Cortney Lyon

Well said Bobbi! I just had a conversation about this topic with a gal I follow and I think we both agree with you. This post has inspired several well thought out comments by your readers, so well done, you have inspired thought.


I've not done a giveaway as yet on my blog, but I have always blogged for the sheer enjoyment of writing--and my blog is so very eclectic that I may never amass a large following. Sometimes I think I should split my blog into the different topics that I post about the most--a stamping blog, a reading blog, a writing blog--but then I wouldn't have time to post on any of them on a regular basis. I'm sure the mish-mash of topics scares some folks away. Your post makes tons of sense to me though...and it's funny, I may participate in "blog hops", but quite often don't enter the giveaways unless it is something I REALLY would like to have. I guess I'm just wired differently from most folks.

One last comment--I seldom follow heavily sponsored blogs. I'm surrounded by way too much crass commercialism as it is without choosing to read blogs that are chock full of ads. That's just me though. I'm strange. I don't tweet or use Facebook. I'm more interested in the quality of my relationships (both online and in real life) than I am in the quantity of people who "follow" or "friend" me. As a writer who will be seeking a publisher soon, that may not be a politically correct thing to say, but I can only be me and I must follow Shakespeare's lead, "To thine own self be true..."


I think everyone has to do what makes them feel comfortable on their blog. I know what makes you comfortable Roberta but it is not all for me. I no longer ask anyone to be a follower to win if I have a giveaway but leave a comment only because I don't want just a number. If CSN offers $40 or $65 to someone reading me if I do a giveaway I do it. I like CSN and I like to let someone enjoy the gift certificate especially because it didn't cost me anything. I know I can write this because you are a friend and are always interested in what I think and that's blogging to me. I read blogs that have ads because some people out there really need the money...some obviously don't but it is my choice to go back. I have tried some meme's and go back to them and others, well, been there done that. I'm glad you have found what works for you and hope to read more. Take care.

Rita Ackerman

No matter what you do I think your real attitude comes through on your blog and that is what brings people back. I've been going through a bit of the followers feelings but at the same time I'm trying to find ways to inspire so I think I've already taken your pledge, in my own way. When things quit being fun is when its time for me to think again.

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