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Wow, all this work before I've had my second cuppa Joe. I've been checking out some of the natural products and appreciate the 15% off chance. I don't hardcore clean anymore down here but sometimes you just have to....lol......You definitely get an "atta girl" for all your hard work.

Cortney Lyon

That looks amazing. I have a self cleaning oven, but I don't know how to use it and I'm afraid I might blow the house up in the process. I'll have to look into that stuff for the shower though because I just can't seem to cut through the grime even when I scrub my fingers raw.


Oh you dirty girl you! LOL Okay, when are ya coming to do mine? I hate cleaning the oven - wait, I hate cleaning at all! never mind! If I can find something ( or someone) that makes the job easier - yeah!


Okay.. Im cracking up with you in the shower when you are supposed to be taking a coffee break!! lololol. You didnt follow directions. ;) I have to post this on my blog! Thank you for making me smile! Dont you just love the Get Clean products? I really do!

Hugs, Toni

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