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Cortney Lyon

I could have used those in college when I stayed up late trying to type something on the computer. It takes a lot of time to look back and forth and I'm a finger typer, so I have to look at what I'm typing...I can't look at the screen.


ha ha!! Never seen those here! Lol..."boogers" would be my version of sticky notes, which I use everywhere...or if i don't have those, little bits of paper...you can find these everywhere...on the fridge, stuck to my pc screen, lying at the bottom of my bag, in my car...sigh...me and lists..anyway getting off track..you are so organized! keep it up!


I have never seen those but now I'll probably ask the clerk at Staples where they keep the "boogers"....lol......


LOL too funny! I just dug mine out again recently- used mine to hold my recipe for the apple dumplings from Pioneer Woman! Love it! I use mine on my computer as well to hold notes and reference items I need on hand. Sure beats sticky notes cuze after a while they lose the sticky and fall off only to be found months later when it's too late! LOL
Works for me!

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