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Cortney Lyon

I don't think I have a problem with saving clothes, I actually just purged a few items I haven't worn in a year. But Carl has a major T-Shirt hoarding Problem. I should go in and count the # of shirts he has again...I know I did it once when we were in PA and it was over 50. I refused to wash his t-shirts once until he wore them all and if he didn't wear them then I was going to toss them out. Some of them are so gross! Yeah, I like I may boycott washing his t's again soon.


I do that with my clothes at least twice a year...chuck out anything too small, or too tight or that I haven't worn in a full season or since the last season. I do hang onto a few things that I might not wear again for sentimental reasons..like my wedding gloves and the lingerie I wore on my wedding day, even though the corset is so tight I would have to hold my breath to get it on and then suffocate whilst wearing it...just imagine the news heading " woman dies from wearing corset"...


The only thing I really value is my photos so I made backup CD's of them and keep one copy in Florida and the originals in NC. I have some newer photos on the blog, of course, but it's the older ones of loved ones who have already left that I just don't want to lose. You're doing a great job on your purging and I wondered why you sent me a Via..a ad....lol....

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