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Roberta!!!! How can one person have so many bras??? You gave a new meaning to the word "Holy crap"...LOL

Americana Lady

I have loved reading your "purging" posts. You have more bras than I could ever find to even fit me properly! Thanks, as always, for honest sharing. Joan

Cortney Lyon

Hahaha! I just read Donnie's comment and nearly feel out my chair! She called them droopies! LOL! Thankfully, I am small enough that I'm not droopy...yet. And dito, you wouldn't catch me dead outside in my underwear, now matter how pretty they are.


My favorite bra is ...less but the ladies in this park frown on the droopies. Looks like you are really moving along on your challenge. good job.


I don't know....I think this post belongs under you title "obsessions"! LOL


Oh I am laughing so much right now!!! I don't think I could be as brave as you and post my panties and bra's on my blog for all the world to see!! ha ha!!
Wow...86 bra's??? I don't think I have ever owned more than 10 at any given time!!! (one a day is fine for me, with a few extra) wow....I am speechless..ha ha! good for you Roberta...purging on your lingerie...hee hee

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