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Cortney Lyon

That was a touching story from Tyler Perry, I'm sure it helped keep him grounded. It remind me that when I want to clean out my closet that I should find a donation center to give my old clothes to, even though when I got rid of stuff it's because it's stained or ripped.

When I bite off more than I can chew I just have to remind myself to breathe and ask for help. I gave up on trying to everything by myself a long time ago, it's to stressful. Sometimes it means sticking my tail between my legs and asking my boss for help and admitting that I took on to much, but I figure everyone does that now and again. It makes us human.


It's so easy isn't it? To take for granted all we DO have and to look at what we don't have...reading about other peoples lives sometimes really puts things into perspective...and shows us how we need to look at our lives and appreciate everything good {and bad} in it. The bad makes us stronger too.


PS..that was a wonderful story and so heart breaking. I commute to work. I drive to the train station, then take the railways to DC then hop on the subway line before I actually get to work. With this it's a daily occurance that I run into homeless people and everyday I clean out my little wallet of its change and hand it out. But it's not for me to judge why they are asking for money...not even if it's a con. If I have it I will hand it out. It's not much, but often I'm scuffed by other bypassers. I'm usually left wondering why they care that I have handed out some change--instead of them caring enough to hand it out themselves.
P.S.S...I got your note from your previous post!!!! Thanks so much for your support. I really do mean that.
here is my addy [email protected] and my blog cinnibonbon.blogspot.com


Funny how another person's life an help us get a real perspective on ours. We all know that your shoe furneral was an important aspect of who you are, and an action that needed to be conducted by you. (even if it's jest) Please do not discount it's importance!! While others have a more difficult time in live or love, we each have instances(small or great) that affect who we are. I know shoes shopping and shoe purging is an important aspect in many women lives, so never change what you did.Purging is a healthy thing and makes us more aware of what is REAL important in life, because stuff isn't...but we all treasure stuff!! No one can change that in our nature.
And yes, we can still morn for others and keep our little slice of sanity at the same time!


Being 65 and retired I can just shove everything back in the closet and have a drink. I learned long ago to not sweat the small stuff 'cause it's all small stuff...Someone wrote a whole book about it once but I'm too lazy to google it. Your hard work is tiring me out....lol....

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