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Cortney Lyon

Good job clearing out the shoes! I miss those shoe organizers that I use to have like yours. Although my feet are huge so I could only fit one pair per slot. I wish I could wear heels, but I think they make me walk funny, and not in a sexy way either! LOL!


Hey Cinnibonbon...I tried to respond to your email link in Typepad and via AOL but it wouldn't work so I went out to you blog to doublecheck the email and it is the same and it still comes back as an invalid address? But anyhow...just wanted to respond and thank you for all your support and sweet comments. Like you, as I get older, I just do not have the tolerance for wearing tall heals all day long and since I'm not working in an office anymore...there is simply no reason to hang on to these. I still wear heals as far as clogs and boots...but they are chunky, platform, wedge type heels that offer far more support than these teetering heels...lol I've twisted my ankle too many times to keep on trying...and there is nothing sexy about that ;)

When I was working, I was in the same situation as you and had to travel over two hours a day for the commute for the last 18 months...my company moved it's corporate offices 5 times in 6 years and because we were managing gyms..they expected us to help in the move...physically...every time. I don't have a problem with that except for the fact that they took advantage of people...always taking and never giving. SO glad to be out of that mess...we decided to downsize and sell our homes so that I would not longer be a slave to a job that I didn't like. It hasn't been easy...but my mantra on the tough days was...You can be happy anywhere you make your mind up to be. When I was working I said this much more...lol That and...Get happy, Get in and Get out! I'd listen to inspirational CD's all the way into work and then on the way home so that I would leave it in the car before getting into the house with my husband. Cause talking about a situation that we could not change...didn't help it. So I'd try to concentrate on other positive things that I liked in my home. I know that you have a lot more physical pain to deal with so it's much harder. But I hope the best for you.

Have a great day, fondly, Roberta


My sincerest condolences!!!

You know, I'm such a shoe freak and I can totally relate to what you are feeling. I don't have problems tossing them out, because I've always had this thing about making room for newer models!! BUT what I do have a problem with is that I'm no long able to wear them. With all the joint pain I experience it's almost impossible to wear heels--my most favorite thing to do....ever!!! YET, this doesn't keep me from buying them. I love them. Most times, I go to work in flats and put my hells on..then when I have to walk around, the flats go back on...I know I'll never wear heels, like I used too...but I can enjoy looking at them in my closet, so I still buy them...ehheh!

Girl---okay how perfect was your horoscope? I love reading what the stars have aligned for you, it's always so close to home isn't it.

Thanks for your comments. Yes, you're probably right, I shouldn't think my wanting to "feel good" was the wrong challenge, but maybe I can't really control how my body feels, but I can control my state of mind...Trust me I've been doing this for years. Sometimes though, I allow myself personal meltdown and get over it quickly!!! I remind myself it could be worse...as this syndrome will not kill me.

Best wishes for today and your next purge!!!!!
PS...I've got cats under my bed...well only when the vacuum is running!!!


Unfortunately there are no treasures under my bed to discover. My husband has always lived by the mantra of "if you don't use it then chuck it" or something like that. At least that's what I hear him say in my brain.....lol.....If you do too much and the Bengay doesn't work anymore those IcyHot patches are great. Think of all the lovely, hardworking women and men)who are going to love wearing your shoes.......lol......


Boy, Roberta, you are really committed! I can't believe that you were able to do that! I just died when I saw those cute shoes with the ankle straps. However, in the end, I bet you'll feel so good.

Right now under my bed is my linen closet!! Since I live in an old house with very little storage, I have to keep linens under the bed in plastic storage bins. Oh, and I probably have quite a few dust bunnies under there as well!


That is so sad....so very, very sad! You have more shoes than I have EVER owned! LOL
As for what is under my bed, I can proudly say NOTHING! (save the dust bunnies!)

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