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We hardly get coupons here, a few here and there, but nothing to write home about! That is one thing I think is cool about America...
Anyway I think your goal is great!

Cortney Lyon

I think I gave up on my coupon clipping for awhile. I aways get the paper and clip, clip, clip, but then I never end up grabbing them on my way out to the store. I guess I need to get a better organizer for them. This was inspiring, thanks!


Oh I like your goal!!! I thought I had a bunch of old mags laying around, but I'm pretty sure you beatme..heheh.
Seriously though, these purges are sure to make you feel accomplished!!


I didn't think I had much but coupon piles was one of those things that I kept meaning to get to. Well, I finally did and I made 2 piles, 1 food-1 nonfood and a friend from the American Legion is going to pick them up. She said that they send them to bases overseas and the commissaries accept them so the military and their families can get more of a break on their grocery bills. I'm not sure how it works but she volunteers to do the wrapping and sending. Good job.

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