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Americana Lady

Congratulations! You have worked really hard! I have many stamps as well that I am not using but I still can't part with them yet. What a good idea donating the profit to charity. You are so inspiring! Joan


Not a problem Barb...I'll add these to you order. Please send me an email with your PayPal address and snail mail so that I can invoice you for all the sets and the shipping. Thanks a bunch, fondly, Roberta


Rats! Roberta is it too late to add a couple more to my order? I just saw these..I love the lighthouse ones
•43. Lighthouses 4 pcs. $5.00
Tea Time w’Sisters 3 pcs. $3.00



I'll bid $6.00 on the Bon Voyage set (hint hint someone we know would be able to use them for her business) I think I'll gift them for Xmas!


THANKS CORTNEY for posting about my Rubber Sale and for bidding as well. I'm not going to extend this sale...WHAT I will do is offer another sale so that I can get the bids closed and mail out these Rubber awards ;)

Cortney Lyon

Yippy! Congratulations on completing the 21 Day Purge! I would love to bid on the Penguin Paradise stamp set for 5.00. You can't beat that price! I'm glad it will go to a good charity too!


Congratulations Roberta! I bet you feel great! I will take a look at the stamps. Hope your sale is successful. It sounds like a great cause.


Done....great Job.....I really don't think you're going to stop now that you have done this for 21 days. The future purges may not be on the same scale but I think you had already started looking at things differently. Your stamps are my post for today so I hope you get a good response. Sounds like a very good cause. Have a great day.


Wow...can't belive all the stamps...wish I had the room for more! Good luck, hope they will sell and go for a great cause!

debbie McIntyre

Great additions!

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