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Hello Roberta! Just "found" your blog and your great auction and at the last minute, at that! It sounds as if the proceeds are for a very worthy cause and I'd like to participate. Please accept my bids for the following sets of stamps:

13. Fall Etchings for $6.00 (the initial bid, it seems).
14. Fantastic Foliage for $5.00 (again, it would appear the mine is the initial bid).

Thanks for the offerings and good luck with the auction.

Best regards, Cynthia


THANKS for taking a bite Barb ;) Talk to you soon, fondly, Roberta


Ok, I'll bite
9. Christmas Tags, 3 pcs. $3.00
12. Easter & Sprint Holidays, 9 pcs. $5.00

I could make good use of these!


Cortney Lyon

I just posted about the stamps because they are such a great deal. I didn't put an ending dte for the bidding because i didn't know if you would extend it a few more days for late shoppers.


THANKS Sherry & Donnie for getting the ball rolling...really appreciate it ;) Sherry you've got the process down and best of luck with your bids. Looking forward to awarding the bids tomorrow evening. Fondly, Roberta


I told Sherry I would help too. I'll let the grandkids stamp the scrapbook pages for me instead of stickers. I may find I really like them more. So I want to bid on:

#21 Let's play ball $6.00
#24 Mice Day (1) $5.00
#28 Penguin Pals $5.00
#25 Mice Day (2) $5.00

Hope more come along. Take care.


Hi Roberta Sweetie...
How fun is this. I am Country Wings in Phoenix. I just popped over at Donnie's request, and what fun. I am tickled that I did. I want to play.

1. Ablaze with Joy - bid $4.00
17. Happy Holidays - bid $5.00

Here is my email address: [email protected]

Let's get the ball rolling. I will be watching the comments to keep an eye on my favs.

Many thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win a few stamps. I hope I am understanding this correctly, that we just keep placing bids and watching the comments here so that we know what the bids are. Let me know if I have misunderstood.

Have a beautiful evening. Many hugs, Sherry


That is a lovely idea. I would bid but it's something I would never use. I do scrapbook but I do the digital type. Only one more day to purge. Good luck with your stamp removal.

Cortney Lyon

Wow, good job on day 20! I hope you get a lot of bids to help We are that family charity. I donated all my rubber stamps to the girls at the last school I worked for, we had so much fun making cards together that I left them there before we moved. Feel good to give and purge at the same time.

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