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Hello Cindy,

Just wanted to thank you for your response and being part of the discussion because that is the essence of blogging ;) Google reader is an organizational tool for bloggers and it’s free…so do try it…because you will like it. All’s you have to do is open up a free Google account and set up your Google reader. It allows you to set up all of your blog subscriptions and organize them by interest.
As far as giveaways, yes there are many pros out there that simply goggle CSN giveaways or blog giveaways and then go on to sign up for the giveaways…only to drop their following/subscriptions when the contests are over. So be it…it’s the nature of all giveaways. However, in the blogging world that is considered spamming and we have to teach people how to treat us.
For me blogging the past 3 years has always been a way of sharing and learning about each other. I have met a lot of wonderful bloggers and I also believe that everyone has the best of intentions when leaving comments. I have also found that when the comments come, (like yours does here) from the heart and to genuinely offer your help and opinion then I more than welcome it.
What I got lost in the past year was trying to keep up with every blogger who left a comment on my blog, even when those comments were for simply part of a blog party obligation. That is how my Google reader got so big…my issue and not anyone else’s. I simply need to be better in the future on which blogs I add and try to follow.
Sorry to hear that you had such a horrible experience with another blogger…especially that it brought you to tears!! That’s the beauty of blogging as well…you can choose to take your power back and continue to blog as you originally intended…which is to find the true friendships that are out there waiting for you to discover them. AND that’s exactly what I’m doing with my purge…I don’t need to be the most popular blogger…I just want to keep my good friends closest to me. Hope this helps you understand my intentions more and again, thanks for participating in the discussion. Wishing you all the best.
Fondly, Roberta

Cindy Adkins

I read what you wrote and it is really interesting...I don't know what Google Reader is, so maybe some of those people don't know either.

I have found people to be extremely kind on these blogs and I feel very fortunate...I did do one giveaway and got people who seem to be "professional contest" people (entering every day on some blog or another), but I figure that they are good people too...Most were young and may have really looked forward to winning something.

I have only met one unkind person in the few months I've been blogging...and perhaps that is the most surprising thing...I was new at blogging and someone gave me an award to pass out to 15 other people. I remembered a very touching story and went to find that woman to commend her on her blog and give her an award...However, I gave it to the wrong person!!! And that person wrote to me and was irate...I cried for a full Sunday morning...I didn't even know how to respond...Personally, I wanted to say something rude, but I wrote a kind letter back and she never wrote again...Believe me, I avoid her like the plague! If I ever see that she's been on a blog, I won't even go to it...Personally, I'm afraid of her....And the worst part? I have an art blog and a prayer blog (2 blogs) and I had met her through the prayer blog of all places! How funny is that? If she didn't scare me so much, I would have prayed for her, but I was too shaken up.

Anyway, I always try to look at people in blogging as that they have the best intentions and am very grateful for the lovely people I have met on here...If they only stopped by once, I'm happy they paid me a visit...And maybe, if I'm lucky, something I posted inspired them for that day!
Have a great weekend!


Can't wait to see your cupboards Cortney when you get all organized...woo hoo! You know how that gets me all excited...sick I know ;) You won't mind cooking at all when you can find your stuff...remember to assign a function to each location, ie, baking section for all your baking supplies, daily food/snack section for things like cereals and crackers. AND then if you need it a beverage section for your coffee, tea, sugar and creamers. SOON you'll have to start a spice area...maybe you can talk your mum into giving up some of her modular mate spice shacker...he...he...he

Cortney Lyon

Good job on day 1 and good luck with the magazine purge. I just cleared my closet and plan to bring in the clothes that I'm getting rid of to my co-workers. After that I am going to purge my kitchen cabinets and organize them with the Modular Mates that I won from you...I'll be so happy to get rid of open bags of flour and stuff that seem to have accumulated in the last few months. I'm hoping it will motivate me to cook more once everything is neat. Oh-I also purged my magazine collection that had grown on the coffee table, I'm sure Carl will be delighted with that. Thanks for the inspiration!


I went through the magazines here last night too and have them in the car to bring them to the park laundromat. There's mostly AARP there....lol....Keep up the good work. I've gotten on board too.

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