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Oh I felt so sad for you reading this...I had a little catch in my throat...my kids are still so young but the older they get, the older I get...the more time seems to whizz by and I think of them now...9 and 7 and it's already gone so fast....I already cry for the days gone by and I think ahead to the time they leave the house and I cry for the future days...silly I know! but I think about these things and I know if its hard now, letting go each step they grow up...how much more so when they leave for good? It breaks my heart just thinking about it and then I come here and read your post...and you ARE there..your kids have left and I can only imagine how hard it is...you spend your life raising them, spending all that time together, being a family and then it's back to the beginning when it was just hubby and you....it's so sad!!!! Anyway...I just wanted to send you a big virtual hug and let you know I am thinking of you and don't be sad... use this time to do all the things you never had a chance to do while you sacrificed time for your kids....take up that hobby or do that class you wanted to do... And you will always have your memories...and in 10 years time or more (hopefully) please tell me the same thing!

Cortney Lyon

Well, I have 5 pairs of jeans right now. One pair is a little snug and the pockets tend to wiggle their way out through the day. Then I have 2 pairs of dark wide leg jeans which I love but I got black paint on one pair. And then I have my lazy day jeans...I put them on yesterday and they are a little tighter than I remember. I guess I'm starting to feel that 10 lbs. I put on since the wedding. I have one pair of gray skinny jeans-they are too tight when I put them on inn the morning, but by lunch they are falling off me because of that stretchy material and my ass crack hangs out which I HATE! I put a bug in Carl's ear that gift cards for shopping would be a nice Christmas gift! But when I buy clothes I tend to purge one thing to make room for another to help keep down my accumulation.

So, what''s next up on the purge to-do list?


I'd have to use those size 14's as incentive pants and hem them too because I'm only 4'11" and no way am I wearing 3 inch heels. But if no one else signs up I'll give them a home on my fridge door til I can zip them up...lol......Are you just about done with your clothes now and on to something else to purge? My sons started to distance themselves when they were 16 but we lived in a rural area in NC and they continued to know they had a Mom & Dad. We were blessed that they never totally left us. They still call everyday and I have the joy of grandchildren too. Have a great day.

Donnie at ki4ggs(at)gmail(dot)com

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