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I love those sweater vases! What a great idea~! I love the idea of re-using, re-purposing, re-inventing! Thanks for the cool link!


The gauntlets/writlets do look like sweater arms. I told you about felted ones that I am making from old wool sweaters. You felt the sweater and then cut the sleeves off, you can leave them and just arm warmers or cut holes for the thumbs and wear them as fingerless gloves. Gauntlets seem to be the new terms for them these days. Look for any 100% wool sweaters....if you felt them (wash in very hot water by them selves with something to help aggitate) then roll them in towels to blot and then leave them to air dry. You can but the main body up to the shoulders to form a purse, the sleeve become gauntlets....small pieces are for making flowers or other felted pieces....That is if you are really ambitious!

Cortney Lyon

I love the sweater vases, they are very cute. I've also heard of making pillows out of old sweaters. I had actually told Carl that we should make pillows out of his old T-shirts that he loves but doesn't wear anymore. I'll believe it when I see it...or when I do it for him!

Leah Peck

Wow! You are really making progress. For the record, I have seen some uh-dorable decorative pillows made from sweaters...and I am definitely seeing that green as a pillow with a bright red ribbon trim this holiday season.... Just saying.
Anyway, I think I am going to follow your lead after Jan 1, and start purging all those random sizes in my closet. I mean, really, do I need every size between a 10 and an 18 right now? I think not.

Keep up the great work, girlie!


I think that might be stretching it a bit to make sweaters on your vases. I think I'd just go on to GoodWill with the bags. Then you'd have to store the vase sweaters when you didn't have any flowers and they would just multiply under your bed. Are you taking a Thanksgiving break? Have a great day.

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