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you are hilarious! Well...first of all I LOVE my separate P.J's. I love my long cotton pants and shirts to wear in winter...so comfy..so cozy...so nice! In summer I wear separates too, but 3/4 pants and vest type matching tops..I guess I am just that into fancy lingerie or skimpy nighties! The other thing..I wasn't sure if a "slip" is the same as we call them a petticoat...but I assume it is...yes, I wear them. I hate the thought of people staring at my knickers through a skirt that see through! I have never, not even as a teenager, been the type of person to show everyone my knickers! ha ha. And I don't think it has anything to do with "old fashioned" as I am only 31! I guess I was also raised to be modest and take pride in my appearance and to me that includes not making others feel embarrassed cos of the way I am dressed. Whew..that was long!

Cortney Lyon

You should ask Tim the astronaut question-he should know. That is too funny that you posted about the sentimental items from Africa because I just opened my memory box and pulled out 3 outfits I had from when I was little and I was trying to think of what I could do with them. I think I'll post about them soon too, you've inspired me. Thanks!

PS-just did the laundry so I'm sitting here in fresh 'jammies all nice and toasty!

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