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paulette insall

oh roberta that article looks awesome!!! i've printed it out to a pdf so when i'm feeling better i'll have it to refer to....i so gotta purge!!! the google reader espcially! i remember the beginning of this year i went in and purged my subscriptions....i think i had over 500+ too and now i have around 220, but still gets overwhelming. i think i may go and purge again....that and make sure i'm making use of the folders. i keep forgetting about that! :D


June Houck

Hah! So interesting to see this post today of all days. I have been feeling the stress of being behind for MONTHS. Okay, so Im not going to whine about it...that's just boring. You know I have an idea in my head of what I want my craft room to look like: pretty, inspirational, organized, efficient, and like a magazine picture. Every time I purge, I get closer, but I also keep accumulating papers and embellies and dies...
Anywho, I decided to take small steps. Sunday night I decided to only focus on my old white dresser in my craft room. I spent about two hours, but I filled a box with cross-stitch kits, aida cloth, pattern books, plastic canvas, etc. I may still cross-stitch in the future, but probably not with those supplies...too kitschy. I was able to throw away or donate 1/2 of what was in that old dresser! Monday morning (yesterday) I had an epiphany to donate my old For The Love of Cross-Stitch magazines. Then I took all of the magazines (3 magazine racks full) and the box to The Good Shepherd donation center. One small step closer...
I had your "keep on truckin'" attitude all day yesterday (yeah, I remember that slogan and pic too!) I was exhausted, but I never slowed down yesterday. I got a lot of things accomplished that I have been behind on and I even managed to get most of my online Christmas shopping done too. I am energized to keep on truckin' today with budget stuff that I am 3 months behind on filing, etc.
I need to organize my computer blog pics again...maybe tomorrow...until then, keep on truckin', my friend!

Andrew Mellen

Hi Roberta,

Delighted to see that my article is inspiring some new behavior and offering some support and guidance -- thank you!

Wishing you all the best on your 21 day journey -- I'll be rooting for you!

BTW, when you get a chance, you may also enjoy my new book, Unstuff Your Life!, which was just published this August by Penguin.


I'll understand if you get rid of me.....boohoo...lol..Don and I live in 360 sq ft in NC and the same in Florida with a Florida type room on both Park Models so you know I don't keep too much stuff. Don is 65 and now says "If I don't like it, I'm not gonna eat it".. so my groceries and meal planning have changed too. I'm going to try and see if i can pare down more but I'm not sure. I only have about 30 in my Google Reader.


Hey Roberta!
I think it's great what you are going to focus on!
I laughed at the disctration thing...oh I have done that so many times...do look for something...get distracted...
I also on a regular basis clean our my google reader, my RSS Feeds, bookmarks.....it does eventually just become clutter...like my blog seems to look!
At home though I have a pretty organized and neat home...it's my studio with all my art that gets cluttered and my PC, blog and online stuff!
Anyway...great idea!
I can't believe it's been a year since we did the 21 challenge last!!! I was shocked!

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