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Jessica Kirkland

Hi Roberta! What a great post...thanks so much for mentioning me too! I need to head over to Rhonna's site and get started...even though I'm late, it'll be awesome nonetheless!!! Hugs!!


Hi Roberta!
Arw....so sweet of you to mention me and say such nice things! Thank you! I too am taking the 21 day challenge-so exciting!!!
I can't wait to follow your gorgeous art work again!
I am taking another online class "unlock your story" at Elizabeth kartchner's blog
it is great! and my class starting in one week...eek!!! a bit busy at the moment, but I find I like challenges!!

Have a great weekend!


Thanks Cortney! Last year with downsizing...TWICE...we did a lot of purging, however, NOT enough. It was a physical purge I guess you could say. This time it's a physical and a mental purge because I want to get rid of "stuff" of "clutter" that takes time and energy to maintain. I want to free up my space and my mind so that I can concentrate on what really matters. This is going to be a really BIG move and I'm looking forward to it...so stay tuned ;) Fondly, Roberta

Cortney Lyon

Good luck with your 21 day challenge, I know you can do it! Thankfully, Carl and I did our purge before moving here to CA so I haven't gotten to accumulate a whole lot since the move. But then again, you never really know how much you have until you have to box it up!

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