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david estevez

I can say im d type that LOVES to watch action movies and super scary movies. I'm 21 years old and i can remember i was in summer school wen i was about to watch OCTOBER SKY 4 d first time. I was like this movie is going to suck SO bad but oh my gosh till this day i cant get enough. it's honestly 1 of the best movies EVER EVER EVER till this day i still get super sad every time i see it but i love this movie. ur so lucky, i wish i was there too. best film ever again. well like i said ur so lucky i hope it was so awsome to b there and hopefully alot of ppl get inspired from this story like i did.. and i really like ur pics.

Ney Ferreira

Gostamos muito de conhecer a historia dos rocket's boys. Somos estudantes brasileiros! Nos inspirou voos altos!


I would love to go to this festival and have a chance to meet Homer. What an inspiring story. (BTW it's Hickam, not Hickman). I am fascinated with rockets, space, and all things that fly. Have watched "October Sky" too many times to count!!!

Cortney Lyon

That is awesome. Tim and Ashley look great! It looks like a ghost town over there...any sighting while you were there? I don't think I've seen the movie October Sky, I'll have to put it on the Netflix. I'm glad I got to see pictures of it although I would have much rather seen it all in person and gotten to spend time with y'all. Miss you guys!


This was such an interesting post. I'm glad your son was able to meet his mentor. Have a great week! La

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