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I love your chairs! You did a great job :) What brand and color did you use on them?

Cortney Lyon

I love the red chair! I like that the chairs mtach but they aren't the same...I think I would liek to do this when we get a place of our own too.


ooohhh I have been bad...i see I haven't been visiting in a while!
Love your front door-it's gorgeous, what a nice welcome!
And your patio is so cozy and inviting, I could imagine sitting there with you drinking a glass of wine!!

Ashley Philbrick

I know you can eat Cinderella pumpkins, but this doesn't look like one to me. They are very characteristicly flat and fat with deep ridges and smooth skin. I'm not sure what this one is, love the face though.
I love that you did different colors with the chairs! I remember us talking about what colors to re-paint them earlier this summer. I am so jealous of your mums! I've always loved them and I think Tim might mutiny if I buy any more plants for our appartment.


Goodness, I LOVE those wicker chairs! You did a fantastic job with the spray paint. Love the colors.
Best regards,


I love the red and green, my dining room is red and green!


Too funny...
1) That's a peter, peter, pumpkin eater - Mr. Peter Petrified Pumpkin or...
2) Mr. Gordy Ghorry Gourd or
3) Ms. Wilomena Wartface

4) What...No BLACK for your chairs! LOL
5) Love the flowers...really looks like fall!

Jane Guidone

Love the front door, pumpkin, wicker chair colors, mosaic and
the falling star story...so I guess I just love it all! Great
post! Thanks!

Flora Doora

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