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Sofia Sandoval

I hope you do do it one day!
Best wishes!


Thanks for the comment! You do indeed have some big dreams, but what a lovely space that would be, totally away from everything! Good luck!


That would be a dream space! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am lucky enough have 2 of those PB desks. I would love to have an inspiration board when budget allows. Since I live in military housing, changing my lamp is the only lighting change I can do.


Hi, Roberta! Thanks for the funny comment. You have an ideal space cut out for your mom cave. And I love those storage solutions.


I have an unfinished attic-y space too that I dream of making into a nice little bathroom with a clawfoot tub. If only!


Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really do love my corner and I think I survive without a space because in my mind I see my corner as I want it to be just waiting for when I'm able to create it for real. I LOVE LOVE LOVE white walls in attics. It is the one and only way to paint an attic, me thinks. It helps open up the space so much.


I love your ideas!


I like the idea of a MOM cave! LOL I guess technically I have one, right?

Kenia { Our Home At First Sight }

So spaceous, I love it. I have a small closet where my clothes barely fits so I am going gaga over how spaceous yours is. You have great ideas to re-do the attic, Im sure it will be such a nice place to getaway once its all finished :)


Great ideas, GF. May have to steal a few of those for my wee closet. Thanks for sharing your dream. I did not find a link to see others though.

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home

You've really made the most of your closet. I have not doubt you will transform your attic to one of those inspiration beauties.

Amanda in Canada

that last photo would be my dream space as well. GOOD LUCK!


oh wow...that would be amazing!! Are you going to do it??
I love the idea of an Attic space...in South Africa the average house does not come with an Attic or a basement, we don't have such things in our houses! If you want an attic room, you normally have to build a house with the plan for an attic room already in place. We don't have things like airing closets either. And no dark, dingy basements to traipse down into to do the washing-thank goodness! We normally have laundry rooms which are attached to the kitchen, bright and breezy and with windows! But I love the attic spaces, I think they are great for extra storage!

Cortney Lyon

Wow, that is an awesome Mom Cave. It would be great if you won so you can start the transformation. I know you'll take great before and after photo's!

Only 1 week until you're published!


That would be such a great space to chill out and get away from it all! Good luck with the contest-I hope you win so you can achieve your dream space!

Best wishes,


Good Luck! I entered as well. You have found some great inspirational spaces.


Swoon! I would LOVE an attic space like that, too! Good luck with the contest :)



Very, very nice!! I love it, it is a dream....Congratulations!

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