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so PROUD of you!! Keep up the creative ideas.

Shelley at Single Stone Studios

Oh my goodness that is SO exciting!! Congrats on being featured. I've been waiting for this issue to come out since a frined of mine told me it was all about studios. Gasp! How fun to take a peek into others creative spaces.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!


Thanks everyone ;) So glad to have inspired you Faith on your magazine storage. AC Moore and Michaels have several vinyl word quotes and with a coupon...it's very affordable. Be sure to post a photo of your finished files. Fondly, Roberta

Faith Barrett

Congrats! How awesome! I just bought some plain white magazine holders at Ikea and wasn't sure what I was going to do to dress them up. I love your idea...it doesn't make your space look even more cluttered, but really dresses up the files as well.

jan avellana

hi roberta :)you left a comment on my blog earlier saying that we are both in this issue and how you were being a dork about it! LOL! i think i'm out dorking you!!! :) cheers! and hip hip hooray! we'll get our copies soon! ;) jan


roberta- i can see why you would be so excited!! wow- congrats! can't wait to see it in november- that picture is something i am jealous of!!

Americana Lady

Congratulations! I am glad your hard work got chosen! Joan


Dear Roberta,
I was unsure as to whether I had already replied to you comment. In case I have you'll have my comment twice. Better twice than none at all!
thank you so much for your visit and your comment. I was indeed very flattered that you like my roses. Working with cornstarch clay is great fun and very relaxing too and the procedure to create roses is the same as with handmade Capodimonte pieces.
only difference the clay is poorer...
so you lived in Italy my dear: how interesting.hope you'll able to return with your family some day.
have a fab week


How exciting! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the quotes on the magazine covers.


Hi Roberta~
Just stopping by to say "hello" and happy pink Saturday. Congratulations on being featured in CPS - how exciting!! We never know where the blessings will come from. =0)


That is so fantastic! Congrats and great work!

Cortney Lyon

Congratulations! I can't wait to go to Barnes in the 1st and pick up my copy. You are right, you don't win if you don't play and you wont get published if you dont ask. I am lloking forward to seeing it is print! You deserve it with all the hard work you've put into the Love Shack!


WOO HOO Great to know and I'm looking forward to seeign it in hand! Congrats!


Roberta I'm so proud of you:) Congrats!
tty soon..


This is so exciting!! I am so proud of you!!!


Congrats! That is so cool! It's a great feeling to be published!
I have had a lot of letter published in various magazines (kept them all!) and an article about my hubby and I
but like you say, magazines of any genre are always asking for stories or comments and you need to participate if you want
to be considered for publication!

debbie McIntyre

How exciting !!! I'll be looking for you in the magazine. Big news!!

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