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Cortney Lyon

That was a pretty powerful little video. It reminds me of Eckard Tolle a little bit. It is amazing what we do everyday roboticly with out thinking of the consequences of those actions on ourselves and others. I would have never guessed that the first picture was cups. I did my part to decease the number of disposable items my classroom uses...I bought reusbale plates, cups, and utensils this school year for the kids and staff to use. We were going through a box each of 72 fork and spoons and a similiar amount of styrofoam cups each week. We also started a recycling program at the school this year to as a way to raise $ for the class...every penny helps. I think the onther classes are moving in the same direction too. Thanks again for sharing, it was a real eye opener and made me think!

Cortney Lyon

Wow, that is shocking! I thought for sure that the photo's had been altered, but they aren't! I should get re-usable bags to take to the store each week when I bring my students...they'd be easier to carry too instead of the plastic ones they provide. Thanks for sharing.


my first thought was that the pictures do look a little fake. just b/c everything is so intact. BUT i totally can buy into the fact that there is WAY too much pollution and endangers wildlife and it's sickening!


Oh that is so sad....I sat here and just cried! I love animals and birds especially are very dear to my heart...it is so horrible to see that....but I know one day people will be held accountable for their greed and their actions..."God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth" that time is still to come and people need to answer for their actions! Plastic is such a curse isn't it? I am all for paper bags and the few plastic bags I do have, I re-use over and over again or recycle!


Thanks Roberta! I am glad this resonated with you and thanks for helping spread the knowledge. I for one gave up plastic water bottles a couple of years ago. Now I travel with my stainless steel one everywhere I go. I take it through security at the airport empty and find a drinking fountain to fill it up with on the other side. Some airlines will refill it for me and some refuse.... so I make sure I have a full canteen before boarding the plane. It's a small step but it is the small steps that got us into this mess and I believe what will get us out as well.

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