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Ditto on loving Orange! And those blueberry muffins look awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is great!


Hi Roberta- thank you for all the sweet comments on my Pink Saturday. I'm located near Asheville and my son lives in Charlotte, actually Gastonia, so we head that way a lot. My DIL's parents live in Raleigh. It sure is a small world. Your piece of cyberspace is really beautiful and I'll be back to read your archives. Take care, Donnie


I love your choices! I agree that orange is a really great color, I'm drawn to red, orange and yellows! I'm off to check out cuckoo cookies, have a great weekend:@)

Cortney Lyon

Oh my gosh Bobbi-that was amazing! You put a lot of time and nergy into this post and it is beautiful. I have a lot of favorites from watching the slide shows. I neve would hav though about combining the aqua with orange for decor but it was really complimentary. On the decor slide show I loved the white pumpkin with the monogram studs put in, and the chalkboard pumpkins....and the black and white plates on the wall. Actually, I think I loved it all! I've been craving the Chicken Picante for awhile, but it's been too hot here to cook (it's going to be 100+ for the next 4 days) but when it does cool down I'm going to start using my oven again too!

oh- I just love your post and I'm glad you have been converted to the "like" side of fall. I wore the new red sweater that I bought at Marshals the other day and I got so many compliments on it, it's so bright and bold- I could see you wearing it too.

Thanks again for participating, it has been my pleasure to host and read!

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