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Love what you're doing for the girls!

I also live how the dress turned out!

Thank you for stopping by, so glad you did so I could also find your blog. =]

have a lovely week!

Debra Bunker

I went to the site for Dresses and they also need shorts for boys - reminded me of Wes's favorite shorts when he was in soccer - the black shorts with flames on them....super easy. I may have to pull out my materials and see about a patterns.... Your dress came out very cute! Love the color and pattern.

Cortney Lyon

I can't wait to see the other fabric that you picked up. So cute! I would probably wear one as an adult here in the USA.

Great Job.


Roberta...you do not cease to amaze me! And, of course, you know how I am such a copy cat of yours...now, I'll have to borrow my daughter's sewing machine and go buy that pattern (I can't figure out theirs)..
this is such a wonderful project- I'm moved to tears. Thanks for posting about this!


So beautiful and such a wonderful way to help! You can saturate those dresses in prayer for the little ones who will wear them!

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