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Candy Landroche

Kudos to you! This a a great blog. I love the new do:)-Candy

Debbie McIntyre

Congrats on your anniversary! Also I love the giveaway and the bold approach in putting yourself out there today. Super! Got my attention. I'm learning from you, my friend. mac


You inspire me everyday...



Wow you are famous...Awesome!

McCarthy Designs

I am your newest follower! xx

McCarthy Designs

Hi Roberta, congratulations on your award. I found you via Flory who has featured you on her blog today! Your blog is great and I loved reading the list about you! Please count me in for your giveaway! xx


I forgot to add that i would love to be included in the chance to win your amazing giveaway-love that bag!!
I found your blog, because you were also doing the 21 Day challenge and I visited your blog and we've been "blog buddies" ever since! I will post about your giveaway next time I do a blog post!


Hey Roberta, I missed this for some reason! Thank you so much, I am honored and touched and thank you!!!
I love your blog and you deserve the award!

It's nice to put a face to the name by the way and I like your hair do!And BTW, you do not look like you should be anywhere near 50! Wow, you look amazing!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Thanks for the blog award Roberta!!! Your blog is adorable...it's no wonder you won an award for it! xoxo


Hi Roberta,

just discovered your blog thanks to Lucy at enchanted by josephine! It's great-did you draw the pic that is on the bag you're giving away? I think it's so beautiful! I am now a follower of your blog-come and check out my history blog www.histatic.blogspot.com.


Congrats indeed! I found you while wandering through blogs about historical fiction. I'm still exploring your blog, but loving everything about is so far :)


Congrats on the Anniversary!
Congrats on the Award!
and finally.. congrats to your nominated bloggers =)


What a great site! You have so many things on here that interest me. Congratulations on your award. You certainly deserve it!


Roberta...congrats on your blog award!!! Thanks for passing it along to me...you are a sweetie! I'll let Adi at Houzz know, too. :-) Loved reading all those things about cha...fun getting to know you better! :-)

We are THAT family

Thank you so much!And Congrats!!!

June Houck

Awwwww, thanks, Roberta! You made my day. You have touched my life too in so many ways. When I think of you, I can't help but smile.


Hey Congrats in so many ways!! And THANK YOU so MUCH for the award too! As I said you are an inspiration to me and I LOVE your blog-and your style! such a sweet, kind and friendly person as you should have a boatload of followers and I'll do my part! Later on today (still haven't had my morning cup and already I'm on your blog...gotta get going and off to work!)- but sometime this morning, I'll tweet, FB, Side bar and POST about this on my blog- and ask my friends to join you:)
Hugs- and what a terrific giveaway!!!

Flory Mariñas-Simbulan

oh just in time for your celebration...you deserve it roberta congratulations and thanks for the mention!
what a great giveaway...already twitted! have a nice day!

Debra Bunker

Congrats! Doesn't seem like you've been blogging for 2 years...time flies!

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