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andrea of ffft

This was a good watch. I live in an area that is very in tune with the idea that we don't have to immerse our children in this "culture". I hear online and from other sources the argument that "depriving" our children of these toys and games etc. is going to cause social retardation at some point. My response to this is, what kind of socialization do I want my kids to have? Do I create their social environment? Or does MTV? We don't do TV and I am very careful of the movies and toys these guys play with. There are no video games and I have yet to hear any complaining because in our social circle it's the norm. LEGO has taken over the bedroom which I think is great.

We don't hold our kids back, we just let them entertain themselves with their own brains. THEN on the rare occasion they say they want a particular thing, we know it is actually them that wants it, not what they were told to want. And let me tell you, there is a lot less "I want" if they are not bombarded with ads on a regular basis! It is worth taking a stance... they are our kids for crying out loud!

Well done for posting this, and well done for raising children who "get it"!

Flory Mariñas-Simbulan

these are interesting videos...
i think spending a lot more time with our children is more than enough to guide them especially in front of the TV!

Happy Mother's Day to you Roberta!

Debra Bunker

Wow.....it's a long series but worth watching. While I agree that the business of marketing is huge and to blame for a lot, we still have to be the responsbile party and chose what our kids see, hear, taste, touch etc. etc. And the only way is to shut off the TV, watch for the placements of ads etc. It's huge, larger and more ominous that I thought. But, I also chose not to watch commercials, love the mute button, and don't have 2000 channels that I have to monitor for ad placement. Something should be done...and it starts in the home for sure. Parents stop using the TV as your babysitter, movies and toys as well. Spend time one on one, get back to basics.

You know I've turned ito being an activist...never thought Id be caught up in so many isues....times have changed and the enemy called capitalism is really in need of being revamped....


TV sucks... Moms are the best!

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