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I have a feminine bedroom with 2 bookcases each side wall flanking my bed. I put a long board across each set of bookcases which flank - on one side a vanity using a sofa table, the other a tv on drop front desk and the bookcases themselves hold CLUTTER- I loved your ideas.. I now have purchased several tension rods and small window rods which mount very close- I am busy putting up curtains- baby curtain valances I picked up cheap go in the bedroom bookshelves,and pinned up fabrics elsewhere for now LOL. I will upgrade my fabrics later when I find some asian brocade I stashed but I think the baby valances are a GREAT idea in my bedroom :O thanks for the pictures, Very encouraging as to what to do with open storage.

nice tulip table

Curtains are perfect accompaniment for furniture in a room and these pictures have shown that you have to be careful in selecting your curtains to match in your space. Curtains bring in natural light into the room if it is properly chosen and this could prove to be a great move in designing homes. Great information here and continue writing!

Organize with Sandy

You have some really great ideas here. I like how the photo boxes look. I'd love you to link up to my new Organizing Mission Monday


The curtains are a great fix for unsightly clutter (that we have to have). Great post! Tomorrow I have under the kitchen sink organization!! :)


Hey Roberta-It's a great idea and this can be one of those things I would consider to be dicey, it can look so cheap and tacky, but the way you have done it looks smart and elegant. I think the color choice and pattern design also played a large part! Hope you are doing well! Have a great weekend!


I love the curtains on bookshelves thing. I was thinking of doing that with mine but there's just to much crap in it. xD It would look like it had love handles up and down xD

Flory Mariñas-Simbulan

I guess it's worth the hassle you've experienced on that curtains...now it looks great=)


I really LOVE this idea about curtains on bookshelves. I am a preschool teacher and have lots of shelf units around the class in different learning centers and it is too tempting for the little to get into everything when it is all extremely visible. So I have been tossing scrap fabric over them when they are not in use. It is pretty ugly.

The curtains would be wonderful though! Thanks for the inspiration!

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