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fabulous thank you for sharing!


In number two I see 3 animal faces....stand back.... in the middle left is a cat like face from the side..I say it's a panther, then lightly below and to the right of that looks like a mountain lion (with a bloody mouth!) and then finally all the way to the right next to those looks like a fish. When I first looked at this I saw three "floating" heads that appeard ghostly and goblin like... No bad dreams!

The purple one looks like a mardi gras mask to me....
Your Jelly fish reminds me of UFO's....lol funny how we see different things isn't it?!


the process of trying something new, i agree is better than creating something perfect...i have a portfolio...of not so perfect...work that usually becomes something...i like..


Oh, Roberta, I have seen his work - I think on youtube - and love the results...my Angel of Creation piece (last year) was my attempt at this technique, but you know what? I always used a paintbrush...not fingers...maybe that is the key! I love what can be done with this technique...the abstract quality + the composition of what is pulled out...your purple and pink piece makes me think of Creator God...creating the universe and all that is within. I R.E.A.L.L.Y. like the city lights/bridge piece...thanks so much for sharing!


Roberta... oh my goodness... how fun! That looks like such an interesting and fun technique. I would be afraid the paint would all just turn into mud too. Yours looks fantastic! Taking home new skills... exactly! I am so glad you shared this class with us. Love it! :)


Looks like you had fun, Roberta! I use my fingers quite a bit but can't say I have ever used my whole hand! Might have to try it. . .

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