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1. Stewed fruit and custard or anything fruity!
2.summer-no socks, in winter, knee socks during the day and just around the house ankle socks.
3.weather now is lovely! sunny, no wind , cold but sun!!!
4.yes I am a fast typist
5. love red wine.

Cortney Lyon

So jealous of the books! I have a stack I need to get through before I add any more to my collection.

For the meet me on Monday- I'm with you on the no socks thing. Also I'm a semi fast typer, but I 'finger type
so I'm pretty fast for that style.


Wow! A typing championship? I wish my high school would have have known. Have always been a fast typer as well. Even after getting the PC, I still liked to work on my novels on the IBM Selectra. My daughter (as a teen) said she loved going to sleep to the sound of my typing in the next room. Awww.

Yogurt - Greek Yogurt makes the best base for anything - fruit or veggie
Socks- cuffs. I live in tennis shoes. Ground here not compatible to my preferred bared feet.
Weather - HOT and humid... though today holds promise of rain. Of course it does. We are going to a Heritage street fest
Wine- Red - smooth and sweet.

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