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Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

OK!! All that food looks disgusting {{barf}}}... We do limit how much we go out to eat and we try to eat what's good for us...sometimes not so much at home...eating completely healthy can get expensive...my biggest down fall is Pepsi...but I am getting better trying to drink water...key word being "trying"...LOL

Cortney Lyon

Is it strange that I am really hunger now? Although I will say that reading through the list made me think of how to cook more at home to get the satisfaction that some of the worst food usually provide me. I can't believe the calorie count on a lot of those items, they are soooo high, I had no idea. Here in CA chain restaurants (and some small private ones) are required to put the calorie count on the menu which most of the time helps when ordering.


I seldom eat out but when I do I will try and remember this post of yours (made me hungry btw). I love cooking food for my family and we really seldom go out to eat.

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