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You really have gotten into the challenge of this extreme couponing. I coupon some and send the ones i don't use to a friend who also coupons. She says she gets different ones sometimes from me because we live in different areas. I do find I have to be careful not to buy something mainly because of the amount I can save on it.

Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

Darn you!!! Now I have to go buy the coupon clutch....just what I needed another tote...LOL!!! Then I will have to start finding coupons...I don't have a one around my house..."Bad Shopper"...

Cortney Lyon

Hahaha!! You are hooked...but so I am. You got a lot of good food with coupons, this week our paper had coupons for watermelon and a few other fruits which is rare so I'm taking advantage while I can.

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