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Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

I just want to find good coupons so I can save money...I hate grocery shopping...I hate how much groceries cost (and you know I'm broke)...and I love canned tomatoes and popcorn ;-)


Great post, very informative. Love

Cortney Lyon

Yeah, after watching Jamie Oliver's show again I have to think twice when I crave Hamburger Helper...I just grossed myself out by thinking about it. I'll have to make your version of beef stroganoff to compensate for it.


Sad about potato's. I love them too, being from Irish decent...they are in my blood and I love them. Especially roasted! But don't eat them all the time. {everything in moderation}
I also feel you can't trust everything you read and sometimes people just have a lot of rubbish to say that gets one all freaked out over nothing.
Like one day chocolate is sooooo good for you, the next day is bad. One day caffeine in small amounts is good for your artery's and reduces cholesterol, the next day it's bad for you...

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