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Good job! I hope he gets home too!

Cortney Lyon

Wow, that was inspiring and made me tear up. I need to do the bags of hope even if my husband doesn't think it's safe. I'll just do what you do and hide the purse and roll down the window. That is amazing.


Aww...tears in the eyes. Question, what do you put in the bags of hope? Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for in doing so some have entertained angels unawares. :) Blessed day my friend and thanks for sharing.


Aaaaw! So touching. I hope he`s home now with his little girl... Praying.

Thank you for sharing!

Faith Barista | Bonnie

Wow. This is definitely inspiring! Thank you Jesus for Love Shack Giving! You're one unique heart! Thanks for sharing this in the faith jam!

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