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Debra Bunker

Two pretty "heavy" pieces.... The first one speaks volumes about the US, and other nations, that use all of us as the pawns in their climb to power. While we do have many freedoms in the US, we cry about the injustices of capitalistic growth. The insurance industry, the big businesses (aka banks, wall street and others) that all grow and prosper from our discomfort and what we think is poor luck - but when looked at with a closer eye is in all actuality the result of capitalism keeping the poor and middle class in its place. And all the while, government passes more laws that force us into the feeding frenzy...health care laws that force us to chose between spending our money freely and buying health care; which then increases the profits of those who sell the insurances and then profit when they deny coverage. Yes, this one speaks volumes.

The NURU International one is interesting, but almost sounds too simplistic, doesn't it? Even if we are able to turn extreme poverty to comfortable living....there will always be war mongers and power hungry people seeking ways to exploit the masses.


I hear you as far as our complicated industries and capitalistic systems and NURU is keeping it simple because it is able to be "duplicated" and that is the answer. Also our idea of comfort is their idea of "luxury" for the third world countries who have been subjected to war for decades. I believe that we can't throw our hands up and walk away cause when we do then another country steps in and takes over where the rebels left off. And I also don't think giving them arms and letting them "duke it" out like we have in the past is the answer either. I just appreciate the fact that Am. soldiers THAT have been on the front lines are stepping up and bringing awareness that what we are doing...IS NOT WORKING! What is the definition of insanity...doing the same thing over and over again when you know that it IS NOT WORKING!

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