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Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life

Well I'm not going to talk about failure with you!!! That would need a couple bottles of wine...LOL!!!

Creative Grammie

Aloha Roberta,
This wine rack storage idea is so clever! Not only clever,but much
more attractive to leave out as part of the decor. Thanks so much for
sharing this.
My dear, let's focus on the successes of our lives so we can feel
better about ourselves. I'm right in there with you on business
venture failures. I no longer participate in craft fairs to sell my
"wares". It's a frustrating feeling when it's time to pack up and
there's 75-80% of the merchandise to lug back home.
I think it's also key to know that we tried something rather than
nothing at all. I've learned to look at these not as failures, but
life experiences and lessons. Hmmmm, I seem to take a while in
learning the lessons. LOL
Hugs to you dear blogging friend,
Wayna (aka-Creative Grammie)


Hi Roberta
Great idea with the wine racks to use them as storage containers for pens etc.
Please don't feel like a failure! you are NOT one. I know it is hard not to feel that way when you have given so much time and energy to something that doesn't have quite the same lift off as you had hoped. But you are so successful in other things! I can see it through your blog-you have raised children, you have a successful and happy and loving marriage and everyday you are improving the quality of your life by sorting out your home! Plus you rock as a blog-buddy!Have an awesome day!


Don't let that gurgling continue....not a failure - it just wasn't the right time or venue! :) Keep on purging!

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